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Selecting the Right Carpet Cushion

Provides Warmth and Creates a Noise Buffer

Selecting the right carpet cushion (pad) is an important component in buying new carpet. For most residential carpets a 7/16″ 6 pound pad will provide sufficient comfort, resilience, insulation, and the necessary firmness to protect the carpet backing from breaking down. The Carpet & Rug Institute recommends 3/8″ thick cushion for berber or low cut pile carpets. Most cushions are made from a bonded foam product called “rebond,” but there are also fiber and rubber options to choose from.

Carpet Cushion Makes a Carpet feel Richer and more Luxurious

One of the most widely accepted benefits of carpet cushion are that it makes a carpet hold up better while providing a richer feel.  Of course, luxury is a subjective quality and cannot be measured, but cushion does impact resiliency and resistance to pressure, both contributing to a feeling of quality.

When purchasing new carpet ask your salesperson what type of carpet cushion is included in the price. Since there are many cushion options, let the salesperson know about your needs, concerns, and how you will “live” on your new carpet. In other words, do you have pets and if so, do they ever make accidents? Is eating and drinking allowed in carpeted areas? Do you have children? Are there any high traffic areas? What is the manufacturer’s recommendation for carpet pad? Let the Charlotte Floor Design experts at Toney’s Carpet assist you in making the best decision for your environment.