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Toney’s Carpet introduces Shaw Caress Carpet to the Charlotte Market

Introducing Shaw Caress Carpet:

Toney’s Carpet Inc. is excited to introduce Shaw Caress Carpet to the Charlotte area flooring market. This is literally, the softest and most luxurious carpet that we have ever had the opportunity to lay our hands on, and in this business that speaks volumes.

Inspiration through Sight

Shaw really hit the nail on the head by designing this carpet around Mother nature. The color schemes are breathtaking and they all derive from a specific aspect of our natural surrounds, taking you on an incredible journey through Mediterranean Waterscapes, Seaside Coasts and Snow Laced Mountains. It is truly a feast for your eyes.

So just how many colors are there?

A massive pallet of 50 colors to be exact! For centuries colors have taken control of our emotions and given us the feeling of comfort and protection, catering directly to our instincts and desires. Caress Carpet takes this thought and evokes the palette of Our World in its most natural states. This idea has made for one striking Line of Flooring by Shaw.

Softness Beyond Belief

Don’t think for a second that Shaw put all the inspiration of Caress Carpet into just the colors, it is also made with a very soft hand. In the development process, Shaw had a team travel the world looking for trends in homes from around the globe. And what they discovered was the world was screaming “Natural Design and Aesthetic.” Not only colors factor into this, but textures as well. Embracing what they experienced in their journey they found that soft, natural fibers were what they were searching for.

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