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Design Advice

Are you a homeowner looking to increase the value of your investment or remodeling perhaps and trying to decide what do I want my home to feel like? There are a multitude of flooring options to suit your design style.

How To Choose Hardwood Floors

Nothing provides a home more timeless beauty, in addition to strength and durability than hardwood floors. They are very welcoming and create a warm environment. We are see a trend toward distressed planks, wider width planks and exotic, eco-friendly flooring. Maple and oak are no longer the standards, more homeowners are choosing cherry, teak, mahogany and walnut. Mixing woods is becoming a popular designer trend.

First one must choose the tone – light, medium or dark. A rich tone floor creates a warm space that is natural and feels good under foot. Dark wood provides contrast and warmth (walnut, cherry, mahogany), your choice will depend on the color palette you are working with. Tie in the depth of your wood selection based on your furniture and consider texture choices as well.

Here are some excellent Design Advice resources for Hardwood Floors:

How To Choose Carpet

Carpet adds beauty, warmth and style to any room. There are thousands of designer colors, patterns and textures to choose from. Whatever your design objective is, you need to consider texture, pattern, density and color. A simple plush is a great starting point, consider neutral colors, the warmer the better. Density is important, denser is better, in other words, the harder it is for you to dig your fingers into the carpet, the more wear you will get out of it in the long run. Plush carpet is a great choice for bedrooms, light, easy to walk on and very comfortable.

  • Thicker is not always better
  • Tight twist in each yarn is better than loose and frayed
  • Firm and dense pile means quality
  • The more backing seen, the less dense and durable
  • High traffic areas need lower profiles to avoid matting and crushing

How to Choose Ceramic Tile vs. Natural Stone

Tile is available in a wide variety of colors, textures and finishes. Typically we select tile according to a room’s general atmosphere. Bathrooms are thought of as comfy and inviting. Your kitchen can be completely inviting, a great room to entertain. Fireplaces and entryways are perfect areas to make a bold design statement. We can help you select tile colors, textures and finishes to achieve your design goal or even change the character of a room.


  • Think beyond favorite colors
  • Consider bold vs. neutral
  • Warm vs. cool


  • For a clean look, select a smooth textured design
  • A rustic feel can be achieved with textured tile
  • Consider functionality – bathroom tiles might need some texture to avoid slippery when wet usage
  • A living room works quite well with a smooth surface


  • Shiny finishes are often cool and brighter
  • Choose matte for a warmer feel
  • Glazing is a huge technological advancement that can make it difficult to tell the difference between tile and natural stone

Check out this Tile Flooring Video for more design advice.

Would you like to see your floor covering selection and colors choices come to life before you make that final decision? Here is a very cool tool to help you visualize the possibilities. Click here for the Virtual Room Designer.