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Toney’s Carpet partners with Mohawk & GE Capital to bring you the Mohawk-GE Capital credit card!

We provide our customers more purchasing options through the newly launched Mohawk-GE Capital credit card.

The Charlotte Floor Design experts at Toney’s Carpet proudly announces our partnership with Mohawk and GE Capital. Choose your way to pay with Make-it-Possible-with-Financingfinancing that fits your budget, no interest terms are available. Thinking about new hardwood flooring, tile or carpet for your Charlotte area home? Please visit our showroom today to apply for your Mohawk-GE Capital credit card and make all your flooring dreams come true.

Toney’s Carpet Proudly Announces Our New Partnership with American Express!

The Charlotte Floor Design professionals at Toney’s Carpet are pleased to announce we have partnered with American Express and now offer their renowned credit card.

AMEX cards welcome

We continue to provide our customers new, innovative purchasing options.

We also offer financing through GE Capital. No matter how you want to finance your new purchase, Toney’s Carpet has several competitive options to choose from. Stop in today to let us help you with your flooring needs.

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Toney’s Carpet introduces Shaw Caress Carpet to the Charlotte Market

Introducing Shaw Caress Carpet:

Toney’s Carpet Inc. is excited to introduce Shaw Caress Carpet to the Charlotte area flooring market. This is literally, the softest and most luxurious carpet that we have ever had the opportunity to lay our hands on, and in this business that speaks volumes.

Inspiration through Sight

Shaw really hit the nail on the head by designing this carpet around Mother nature. The color schemes are breathtaking and they all derive from a specific aspect of our natural surrounds, taking you on an incredible journey through Mediterranean Waterscapes, Seaside Coasts and Snow Laced Mountains. It is truly a feast for your eyes.

So just how many colors are there?

A massive pallet of 50 colors to be exact! For centuries colors have taken control of our emotions and given us the feeling of comfort and protection, catering directly to our instincts and desires. Caress Carpet takes this thought and evokes the palette of Our World in its most natural states. This idea has made for one striking Line of Flooring by Shaw.

Softness Beyond Belief

Don’t think for a second that Shaw put all the inspiration of Caress Carpet into just the colors, it is also made with a very soft hand. In the development process, Shaw had a team travel the world looking for trends in homes from around the globe. And what they discovered was the world was screaming “Natural Design and Aesthetic.” Not only colors factor into this, but textures as well. Embracing what they experienced in their journey they found that soft, natural fibers were what they were searching for.

Visit the Charlotte Floor Design experts at Toney’s Carpet Inc. today to see for yourself why we are so excited about this new product. Come to us for all of your Charlotte area flooring needs.

10 Tips for Selecting Carpet

This is a wonderful article on tips for selecting your carpet, very informative! Highlights include:

  • Carpeting vs Area Rugs
  • Go Green
  • Treat Stairs Carefully
  • Compare Colors and Patterns
  • A Word on Warranties
  • Understand Maintenance Requirements
  • Select Your Carpet Provider with Care
  • Don’t Blow Your Budget
  • Consider Various Carpet Styles
  • Pick the Perfect Padding

Contact the Charlotte Floor Design experts at Toney’s Carpet to help you find the right carpet for your home. We also carry a complete selection of hardwood flooring, tile, vinyl and feature a 2500 square foot showroom to serve the needs of our Charlotte area clients.

Selecting the Right Carpet Cushion

Provides Warmth and Creates a Noise Buffer

Selecting the right carpet cushion (pad) is an important component in buying new carpet. For most residential carpets a 7/16″ 6 pound pad will provide sufficient comfort, resilience, insulation, and the necessary firmness to protect the carpet backing from breaking down. The Carpet & Rug Institute recommends 3/8″ thick cushion for berber or low cut pile carpets. Most cushions are made from a bonded foam product called “rebond,” but there are also fiber and rubber options to choose from.

Carpet Cushion Makes a Carpet feel Richer and more Luxurious

One of the most widely accepted benefits of carpet cushion are that it makes a carpet hold up better while providing a richer feel.  Of course, luxury is a subjective quality and cannot be measured, but cushion does impact resiliency and resistance to pressure, both contributing to a feeling of quality.

When purchasing new carpet ask your salesperson what type of carpet cushion is included in the price. Since there are many cushion options, let the salesperson know about your needs, concerns, and how you will “live” on your new carpet. In other words, do you have pets and if so, do they ever make accidents? Is eating and drinking allowed in carpeted areas? Do you have children? Are there any high traffic areas? What is the manufacturer’s recommendation for carpet pad? Let the Charlotte Floor Design experts at Toney’s Carpet assist you in making the best decision for your environment.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Solid Hardwood Floors or Engineered Flooring

Nothing beats the beauty of hardwood flooring in your home. You may be considering installing it in your home, but are confused by the variety of options that are available. How do you know whether to choose solid hardwood floors or engineered flooring and what exactly is the difference between the two types?

charlotte hardwood floors

This image provides a nice visual explanation between the two types of wood flooring.

Solid hardwood flooring is made from the actual species of hardwood that you have chosen throughout the entire floorboard. Engineered flooring on the other hand is comprised of three to five layers, primarily scrap wood with the topmost layer being the hardwood. Something to consider from the start is where you intend to install the flooring, as solid hardwood is not recommended for installation below grade or where excess moisture exists.

When deciding between the two, 3 things to consider are:

1)   Solid hardwood has a longer life over engineered flooring. This type of flooring can be sanded and refinished many times over its lifetime. Engineered flooring, however, can only be sanded and refinished three to four times over its lifetime because it has only a thin layer of the actual hardwood. If you have children or pets, this can be a huge deciding factor because this gives you more flexibility in doing away with scratches or dents that may occur over the years.

2)   Some consider engineered flooring the greener choice over hardwood because of the reduced amount of hardwood used. However, when comparing lifespan, solid hardwood is the greener choice because it will not need to be replaced every 15 to 25 years. Increased oversight through the Lacey Act over the wood that comes into and is harvested here in the United States must come from sustainable forests. Furthermore, solid hardwood flooring can be recycled and reused, while engineered flooring cannot.

3)   Solid hardwood flooring adds more value to your home. It has been noted by realtors that homes with solid hardwood floors spend less time on the market when being sold. The perceived reason is that homeowners appreciate the value of having these floors and know that they will not need to replace them immediately, unlike carpeting or engineered flooring that have a shorter lifespan.

While solid hardwood flooring is more expensive, the benefits that it provides are more favorable than engineered flooring. If your budget and room environment in which you plan to install it allow, then it is the preferred choice. Let the professionals at Charlotte Floor Design show you the best option for your home; be sure to ask us about our FREE in home consultation.

Create your own custom area rug!

The first thing many people want after installing hardwood or tile flooring is an area rug to add comfort and warmth to a room. Pre-made area rugs can be expensive, and you are limited to the sizes and styles rug dealers offer. We can have any carpet cut and bound to the exact size and shape you want, and the best part is you can design it yourself. Want a bordered rug that fits precisely in your space or a circular rug with fringe? Visit our showroom and talk to one of Toney’s Carpet flooring experts and we’ll create the perfect rug for your home.